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16-08-2013, 13:16
http://sharpologist.com/wp-content/uploads//P1120095s.jpgA luxury watch is many things to many men. Purely and simply, it is a status symbol which is one of the best ways of telling a lot about a man. One’s choice of luxury watch will reveal a lot about a person’s style, design tastes and lifestyle and the vast majority of men nowadays are buying luxury watches not just for the considerable cache that is associated with owning such a luxurious item but also because they are fantastic investment and heirlooms and few things hold their value than a high end timepiece from the likes of Rolex, Breitling and Audemars Piguet.
Given that most men will aim to buy a luxury watch for the first time in their twenties or thirties, it is clearly apparent that the watch will have to survive a good many decades more if they intend to pass it on as a family heirloom. One of the most noticeable aspects of today’s luxury watches is the fact that they are so well crafted and resilient that, in most cases, they*will*last a lifetime without the need for repair but, as with anything in all walks of life, it is impossible to account for the unexpected or for accidents and, should this befall your Rolex or Patek Philipe, then it really is imperative that you seek out a luxury watch repair specialist because, put simply, it is an artform repairing top of the range timepieces and you cannot afford to take risks on an item that will likely have set you back thousands of dollars.

Manhattan Time Service (http://www.watchrepairny.com/our-services/), who are located just off 5th Avenue in New York, are a family run operation who have garnered an iconic reputation in the Big Apple for the quality of their watch repairs. All proceedings in their well-stocked workshop is overseen by their master watch repair specialist, Mitchell Lodowski, who in his decades spent repairing watches, has pretty much seen it all. Perhaps the most impressive and unusual watch to have crossed his path during this time is when ex-US President, Bill Clinton, chose Manhattan Time Service to repair his presidential issue Ritz timepiece when it became damaged and you can see the stellar work they did on it in the image below:
http://sharpologist.com/wp-content/uploads//Bill-clinton-watchs.jpgWhen repairing luxury watches, you’re not given the responsibility of fixing an ex-President’s watch if you’re not considered one of the best in the business and this is exactly what Mitchell Lodowski, alongside his sons, Tom and Peter, are. You can see their story in this video below:

For more information about this icon in New York luxury watch repair, visit*www.watchrepairny.com (http://www.watchrepairny.com/).
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