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    What You Should Know About Harry’s Razors

    As I wrote about last month, Dollar Shave Club’s allure is an “in your face” marketing theme. In the first 20 seconds of their commercial, the founder Mike says their blades “are f*cking great.” They don’t mince words. You get blades much cheaper than from the store. Seeing as how Gillette has 70% of the world’s market on razors, you know who they have their sights on. And DSC has been growing.

    But so has another company. Harry’s. They couldn’t be more different from Dollar Shave Club (DSC). While DSC uses humor to get their point across, Harry’s goes for sophistication. From their website to the design of their razors, the idea is that you can get a great shave, for less, and get to look and feel cool while doing it.
    While DSC gets their razors from Dorco, Harry’s went a different route and bought a $100 million German razor blade factory called Feintechnik to control the quality of production. And last summer they raised more than $75 million in funding, so it’s easy to say they’re in for the long-haul battle of taking on Gillette’s $7.9 billion in sales. Yep, that’s billions with a “B.”
    While Gillette and DSC are going for the “bro, frat, athlete” market, Harry’s is shooting for the guy who wears a suit, or at least a button-down shirt to work. Do they deliver? Let’s dive in!
    The free ($3 shipping and handling) trial kit comes with a handle, three blades and a can of shave gel. You gotta give them credit for packaging. That’s one of the things that I noticed about Harry’s was the attention to detail they show in the smallest things…like how they want your first impression to be a good one when you open your starter kit. Now to the goodies!

    One look at the razor handle and it’s obvious that the design in more in line with the Merkur, Truefitt & Hill or Edwin Jagger style of cartridge razor. It has a clean, simple look to it rather than the shiny chrome and bright plastics that DSC and Gillette boast.

    The razor head is unique design, with a head that detaches so a new set of blades can be snapped on the top. This is quite different than the other, more common designs. It’s pretty easy to change out the shave heads, but Harry’s provides instructions just in case you’re painfully inept at basic skills. (I got it in one, BTW!)

    The razor comes with five blades and a lubricating strip. It has what Harry’s calls a “flex hinge” so it tilts and goes along the path of your face. I noticed that it did a good job of tilting as I shaved along my jawline. Granted it didn’t swivel, like the new Gillette claims it can, but I figure that’s why God gave us wrists that move vertically and horizontally. Give me an AMEN!
    I shaved half a dozen times with the same razor and it wasn’t until the 6th shave that I noticed a small amount tugging at hairs, but I didn’t get any razor burn. I believe I could have gone one more shave or even two more before swapping out the heads. Seeing as how each time I shaved with it I was doing a 4-pass shave, that’s says a lot about their razors. The first time I shaved with Harry’s razor, I decided to use only what they sent me.

    Included in the starter kit is a can of their gel. It’s about what you’d expect from a gel, but it does have a good scent of light peppermint and eucalyptus. That’s about the only positive point. As I was putting that gel foam stuff on my face I realized why I’m so glad that I’ve gotten into wet shaving. The products I use daily is made of compounds and ingredients that you can actually identify. And you’re not turning a gob of blue goo into some sort of man-made foam to smear around your face. Sorry for the small rant! Back to the review! The end result is nothing special for a gel foam. It does cushion fairly well and didn’t dry my skin out. *But there is one problem that I saw with this blade.

    This is from using the gel, but I had the same issue when I shaved with my real supplies. The shaving cream on your face that you’ve just shaved over comes out the back of the razor. This can lead to you dropping hair-filled clumps of shaving cream on your arms, chest and sink. Not a lot of fun! I saw the same problem with I used Truefitt and Hill’s #10 and Ultimate Comfort, Geo F. Trumper Lime and several Taylor of Old Bond Street creams. When you put on more than a light covering of shaving cream and start shaving, within one pass, maybe one and a half, the used cream starts coming out the back of the razor. If I shave every day with my Fatboy or Super Adjustable, I can easily do three strokes before cleaning the razor. With Harry’s, I felt like I had to rinse it after every stroke. Is it a deal breaker? I don’t think so. But it’s something to be aware of.
    The Shave

    As I shaved the last couple of months with the DSC and then the Harry’s cartridge razors, I noticed I didn’t enjoy the shave as much as when I switched back to my safety razors. Yes, the other two did the job of cutting the hairs off my face, but it required no skill or even concentration. I realized that shaving with cartridges is like driving a Corvette with an automatic transmission. Yes you can still go fast and look good, which is the purpose of having that muscle car, but unless you’re throwing the gear stick as you let the tach climb to the redline and doing some heel and toe shifting into the corners, it’s just not as much fun. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m hooked on wet shaving. While the end result is a shaved face, it’s the journey of getting there that’s the draw for me.
    So, is Harry’s worth the money? If you’re into cartridge shaving, I think it’s a good deal for the money. The blades start at $2 apiece and go down in price from there and give a good shave. They have a quality-feeling handle which can also be ordered in aluminum with your initials engraved. They even offer shaving cream if you can’t do the goo. All in all, what Harry’s is selling is an excellent way to chip away at the Gillette empire. For me, I’ll continue to do it one razor blade at a time.
    Do you use a Harry’s razor?* What do you think of it?* Leave a comment below.

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